Making their debut under the former AQ Entertainment, VAV released their music video for “Under The Moonlight” in 2015. However, with their comeback this week, you may notice a few little changes in both the line up and their style.

Although they are not considered rookies anymore, 2017 has seen a complete overhaul for VAV, which has gained more public attention. The group are one of few collectives in Kpop that have gone through a complete refresh, adding three new faces in result of original members departing for personal goals. One of these faces may be recognizable if you have followed the survival show, No Mercy – which ultimately created Monsta X. No Yoonho, who was one of the contestants that missed out finally got his debut by joining under the name, Ayno.

Alongside St. Van, Baron, Ace, Jacob and newer members Lou and Ziu, the group returned in February with their first single of the year, “Dance With Me (Venus)”; a funky pop track showcasing their talents in rap, dance and vocals.

With a revamped label, powerful line up and fresh image, the boys made their return this week with the reggae-influenced spring track, “Flower (You)”. Compared to their first track, it is a complete mirror image with the use of their boyish charms and soft pastels. You may also the producer behind this cheerful number as  Ryan Jhun, the brains behind Taeyeon’s “I”, Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, I.O.I’s “Whatta Man” and two of SHINee’s big hits; “Lucifer” and “View”.

“Flower (You)” brings a soft, romantic charm, telling the feelings of a young boy who wants to confess his feelings to the girl he likes. Along with the gentle reggae influence, it is perfect to share for Spring as VAV has also shared their plans on VApp to promote through busking instead of live performances for this digital single.

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