Running onto the second week of August, we’ve had some amazing debut releases this week from Wanna One and Weki Meki, as well as some long awaited comebacks from groups such as Boyfriend! For now, let’s check out the latest releases below.

DAY6 – What Can I Do

Release: DAY6 have released their 8th edition of their monthly singles, concluding we are 2/3’s of the way through the year already. For their latest release, released on the 7th of August, the group have come together to produce a school concept MV. The song discusses the complicated relationships between the main female protagonist and the group members. The music in itself, whilst having some generic aspects to the song, you can see the group’s attempts to provide an edgier sound. The overall MV concept makes the whole piece a lot more interesting as many fans have provided theories of each member’s story arc.

Wanna One – Energetic

Release: The long-awaited debut MV is finally here, released on the 7th of August. Fans of Produce 101 S2, voted for the group’s debut song, deciding between ‘Burn it Up’ and ‘Energetic’. The result… Energetic led the votes! The vibrant and catchy rhythm makes it impossible to not get it in your head. The MV since then has received the most views on an K-POP MV in 24 hours, breaking previous records from the likes of BLACKPINK. The tune is another summer jam to add to your playlist, showcasing each of the member’s skills. After the strenuous battle for the top 11 places, the group has succeeded in debuting with a hit track.

Weki Meki – I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend

Release: Weki Meki previously known as iTeen girls, have finally made their debut on the 8th of August! The group released their debut song, conveying a flashy and bright concept. The song can be described as upbeat, but fails to have an even distribution between the members. In the MV, there only seems to be primary focus on a few members. The arrangement itself can be described as quite messy, but the girls enlighten us with a strong choreography for their debut.

Boyfriend – Star

Release: After the group’s last extended play was released 2 years ago, Boyfriend finally released their 5th extended play along with their MV ‘Star’ on the 9th of August. The group’s latest comeback showcases an emotional ballad, reminiscing the memories of their love that has gone away. Boyfriend are now the seniors of Starship since the disbandment of SISTAR, debuting in 2011. The MV for ‘Star’ conveys a magical concept, as the group members illuminate in the darkness and through the night like a star.

Jessica Jung – Summer Storm

Release: Jessica is back again with another solo comeback for her release of ‘Summer Storm’ on the 9th of August. The MV showcases Jessica in various seasons, creating a beautiful aesthetic for each season along with presenting the playful relationship between her and the male protagonist of the MV. Her song begins slow-paced but becomes slightly more fast-paced during the chorus of the song. Despite the playful relationship between Jessica and the male protagonist, the song actually conveys the painful feelings as their relationship fades away, with Jessica overcoming her feelings to become a stronger person.

Gugudan 5959 (OguOgu) – Ice Chu

Release: Gugudan have recently formed a sub-unit, named Gugudan 5959, otherwise known as OguOgu (a rather interesting group name if you ask me?), releasing their sub-unit debut track ‘Ice Chu’ on the 10th of August. The sub-unit have decided to go for a cutesy concept, revolved around ice cream. The upbeat song, has a mixture of rap components as well as vocals, making a comical story line for the MV. The concept and song shows similar aspects to Orange Caramel, with the vibrant and unique style of MV.

Penomeco – Hunnit

Release: Back again with another SM Station, this time SM Entertainment has released ‘Hunnit’ with Penomeco. The term ‘Hunnit’ is a slang word meaning ‘100’ with the lyrics describing about a man giving 100% of his love, with his other half wanting more. The genre is a combination of rap and hip-hop. Penomeco is best known as a member of FANXY CHILD (which also includes Millic, DEAN, ZICO and Crush), but also known as a successful singer-songwriter, rapper and producer. The song was released on the 11th of August.


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