As always, the summer has passed in a flash as the seasons gradually transitions into autumn. We’ve got four more months left of music releases and for this week, we’ve had plenty of comebacks ranging from interesting changes of concepts to important topics covered in the songs. And even a bonus of one group that we covered, who filmed their M/V in Europe!


Release: The subunit duo were the first to make their comeback this week on August 28 with their 2nd Mini Album ‘Whisper‘, returning since their debut in 2015. Leo and Ravi really do make quite the pair, the gentle vocals and strong rapping complimented each other well especially in the title track. The EP also gained success, following the previous entry from VIXX’s album in May, which reached the UK Charts.


Release: The soloist has commemorated her 10 year anniversary with her latest comeback, the 6th Mini Album ‘Following‘ on August 29. It’s definitely a change, looking back at her more daring music videos, but perhaps some insight into how she wanted to portray how she’s matured over the years and also how far she’s come in her journey. The album had reached the UK album chart at #58.


Release: The former rookie girl group followed with their comeback on August 29 with their digital single ‘Would You‘. The song is a gentle, slow dreamy track. The girls filmed for the M/V in Sweden, which sees them all strolling along the streets as they went sightseeing of the European country.


Release: The SM artist dropped his latest digital R’n’B single ‘That One‘ on August 30. With the title, Henry’s on the search for the future, special love of his life. He shows his sweet, romantic side in this song, which is sung entirely in English, he makes the promise to cherish them.


Release: The producer released another mini album ‘Pop‘ on August 30, a delight to fans with the title track ‘Right‘ featuring soloist Soyou who lend her saccharine vocals for the song. The M/V is just downright adorable, with the meaning of the lyrics looks like the couple seem to be running around in a constant circle over unspoken feelings and doubts on whether their love is one-sided.


Release: Babylon joined forces with fellow soloist Chungha on his latest digital upbeat single ‘LaLaLa‘ on August 31. It’s a fitting song to finish the summer with that keeps the party going!


Release: The duo were the one of the first to return in September with their 4th Full Album ‘4.0′ with double title tracks ‘Help‘ and ‘Phonecert‘ on the 1st. The former song speaks volumes of a topic that’s often swept under the carpet and neglected. That’s it’s okay to ask for help when you need it and furthermore, it’s not a sign of weakness to request for support. Even if it comes in the form of just venting your thoughts to a friend, so that you don’t feel like you’re alone in your negative cloud of thoughts.


Release: The R’N’B soloist has been building momentum with his career this year with several collaborations. This time, he’s worked with with Band Wonderlust on his newest digital single ‘Last Festival’. It’s a remake for the Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary project. It tells a tale through the medium of a comforting song, about someone important leaving your life and the struggles to also have to let them go.


Release: And lastly, we finish with this rookie boy group. The the most recent to have a comeback with their digital single ‘Like A Flower‘ on August 3. They’ve done a good job with this dance track, impressing with their sleek in sync choreography!

What were your favourite comebacks from this week?

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