The newest Cube boy group have certainly been keeping themselves busy and active with frequent music releases since their debut in October last year. They previously promoted back in May and now Pentagon have returned for the second time this year by having their most recent comeback on September 6 with their 4th Mini Album ‘Demo_01‘!

The nearly 11 month old group have acquired a versatile number of concepts since they officially came onto the scene. There’s quite a contrast between ‘Like This‘ and ‘Critical Beauty’, the latter honed in a more jazzy, old-school vibe. The newest title track starts off with a slow melody to ease the listener in before the pace of the music settles into a consistent tone through the majority of the song aside from the trap style in the chorus.

It’s a mature concept for the boys to cover, moving towards more a serious style as they are gradually starting to gel together as a group and as artists in the industry. The lyrics seems to come across as being motivational, to be used as an incentive of sorts to prompt the listener that no matter what complications that life brings, as long as they keep running, being selfish for the sake of doing what they want to do, things will eventually work out. It’s definitely bordering on a different shade of optimism.



In the M/V, minor confrontations between the members can be seen which could mirror the lyrics of how they do not wish to engage in ‘meaningless conflicts’. Also, with the images of the fallen trolley that’s used in several scenes possibly could symbolise the notion of falling down in defeat but despite this, they still get back up again and try again. Towards the second half of the video, you can see the open scenery of blue skies and greenery that could suggest that they’ve overcome the biggest obstacle that was standing in their way. Later on, they’re seen running towards the end, looking like they’re free and moving towards the person that they want to be in the future.


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