This week’s release round-up features some highly anticipated debuts, ranging from JBJ the fan-made Produce 101 group who became a reality, to solo comebacks from the likes of SHINee’s Taemin, Mamamoo’s Solar and Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA!

Seventeen (SVT Vocal Team) – 바람개비 (Pin Wheel)

Release: Seventeen have once again released another track in preparation for their upcoming comeback. For this release, the Seventeen Vocal team have released the soothing ballad, ‘Pin Wheel’. It is a song which expresses a lot of true heart-felt feelings, to which some have stated the lyrics answer/speak to the lyrics for ‘Don’t Wanna Cry‘. The music video is represented in cool tones which combined with their soothing vocals provide a calming atmosphere overall. Released on the 16th of October.

Highlight – Can Be Better 

Release: Highlight’s latest release ‘Can Be Better’ is a quirky, enjoyable production. The concept of the song provides a laughable experience, as the audience can relate to the comical situations that happen in life, from simple aspects of tripping over something, or dropping your phone etc. The song is catchy, but also talks about loving yourself for who you are. The song was released on the 16th of October, as a part of their new mini album, ‘Celebrate’.

BTOB – Missing You

Release: The boys who are famous for their unbelievable vocals are back again with ‘Missing You’. The piece is a meaningful ballad highlighting the sincerity of their feelings, of missing someone. The song itself was composed and arranged by BTOB’s Hyunsik. The lyrics were written by Hyunsik, with the rap-line, Ilhoon, Minhyuk and Peniel creating their self-written raps. Although it isn’t a ballad which demonstates their powerful vocals such as ‘I’ll Be Your Man‘, the song has a sweet and soothing melody which creeps into your heart, tugging onto your heartstrings. Released on the 16th of October as a part of their 2nd full album, ‘Brother Act.’

Taemin (SHINee) – Move 

Release: SHINee’s Taemin has recently made a comeback on the 16th of October with his new title track ‘Move’ along with his 2nd full album. The song conveys simplistic movements which provide a minimalistic piece yet is a piece which is still very intriguing to watch. For Taemin who is known to people as a powerful dance icon, it was intriguing to see that he decided to support a more simplistic choreography. It is a slow jam which to many have defined it as a song which ‘breaks gender roles’. Along with his music video, he also released a solo performance video, and a duo performance video.

J.Y. Park x Heize – Regrets 

Release: For JYP’s latest release, he collaborated with Heize to produce a song about ‘Regrets’. The song was released on the 16th of October. The duet conveys the regrets they have about letting their loved one go. However for this release, JYP decided on releasing a lyric video to accompany the song. The lyric video is illustrated with simplistic transitions and images to accompany the lyrics of the song. The song was released as a digital single for ‘Blue & Red’.

Solar (Mamamoo) – Alone People 

Release: Mamamoo’s Solar returns to release her single album ‘Solar’s Emotion Part.5’ on the 17th of October. ‘Alone People’ is one of two of her music videos released for this album. Despite both being ballad pieces, ‘Alone People’ is a rather nostalgic piece conveyed through mainly still images throughout the video. This piece particularly demonstrates her powerful vocal abilities and range through this slow-paced ballad.

Solar (Mamamoo) – Autumn Letter 

Release: For Solar’s second release from her single album ‘Solar’s Emotion Part.5’ she performs a piece which accommodates with the current season. The music which is represented by the colours of Autumn/Fall is beautifully highlighted throughout the video. Her angelic vocals accompany the shots of Solar in a calming and peaceful environment. Released on the 17th of October.

JBJ – Fantasy 

Release: Many Produce 101 Season 2 fans have been highly anticipating the release of this group’s debut song. The group who was originally formed by Produce 101 S2 fans as favourites became a reality as their companies agreed to the formation of this group. Since then, the members have worked together to produce a piece for the fans in collaboration with 3 music companies. Despite the group being formed, some of the members who are a part of other groups are still able to participate in their original group’s activities such as Taehyun from Hotshot, Sanggyun from ToppDogg and Longguo from the duo, Longguo&Shihyun. Their MV is visually appealing, creating a fantastical image accompanied by their dynamic vocals and classy visuals. Released on the 18th of October.

pH-1 -Donut ft. Jay Park (18.10)

Release: H1GHR MUSIC’s latest release is from pH-1 for his first mini album with the company. He released his title track ‘Donut’ as a part of his first mini album, ‘The Island Kid’ on the 18th of October. Although I wouldn’t say the concept of the music video is very ”productive’ for ph-1’s donut production line (you’ll understand if you watch the video), the music is definite one of the lit tunes you need on your playlist. What’s even better is the song also features H1GHR MUSIC’s co-founder, Jay Park!

A.C.E – Callin 

Release: A.C.E who debuted with the song ‘Cactus‘ this year, have finally made a comeback with their latest song, ‘Callin’. The song is their second digital single since debut. The song is visually appealing with the use of special effects in the creation of their music video. The song can be described as a hard-hitting powerful song with a strong beat throughout. The song is quite catchy, and also a very strong choreography. Released on the 18th of October.


JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) – Only Without Me (21.10)

Release: Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA has returned with a digital single release of ‘Only Without Me’. The heart-wretching ballad talks about her feelings of being with a guy, and believing that leaving him despite her tears will make him a better person. The music video to accompany her song is quite a vintage setting, the use of a record player which is prominent throughout the MV, which ironically is contradicted with the use of the social media app, Instagram to highlight the emotions of the song. Released on the 21st of October.


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