We’ve been spoiled for choice this summer with handfuls of groups making their comeback this summer! And just recently, the latest girl group to debut under Cube Entertainment, (G)-IDLE have wasted no time in returning back following their debut in May! We’ll be looking at their sombre single ‘Alone‘ for this week’s song review.

The rookie group only just recently surpassed their 3th month since they made their debut in May and yet the budding roots of their global fanbase shows encouraging signs of growth. They’ve certainly got a considerable amount of fans over here in the UK, especially shown by the single having charted on the UK iTunes chart at #83! (G)-IDLE may just be the group to watch this year. In retrospect to ‘Latata‘ which quickly became a summer hit favourite, the girls utilise their second comeback of the year by showcasing their potential of versatility overall as a group.

The latest track ‘Alone‘ displays a mature side to the girls, their gazes formerly encapsulated with rose tinted glasses to be left revelling from their evident heartbreak. The fairytale happy ending that they were hoping for didn’t quite live up to the expectations. Though, they show strength despite the pain left lingering by the remains of the relationship, which shows that while it hurts to lose someone that you loved, if they proved to be toxic, it’s better to walk away than to continue to be poisoned and wonder why your life is slowly fading before your very eyes.

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The M/V is reflective and has an almost haunting feel to fit the overall sense of the song. Looking at the first scene with Soyeon, where the scorpion attacks her, leaving her finger to draw blood. It symbolises that she was hurt by all the webs of lies and as a result, her trust shattered in an instant. We no longer can see the playful and full of life faces in the last music video, instead they have been reduced to become colder and shadows of themselves. The girls continue to elude a chic and polished image that we first saw with ‘Latata‘ and we’re interested to see what more that they have in store for their fans!

What did you think of their comeback?


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