Bubble Tea is everywhere these days. Around the U.K., small pop-up stores selling the sweet delicacy can be seen in just about every metropolitan city. 

Bubble tea – or Boba, as it’s known across Asia – is a mix of sweetened tea and chewy tapioca balls. 

Originating in Taiwan, the drink has become a sensation over the last few decades. It comes in a myriad of different flavours from classic sweet black tea to fruity teas and Taro (a root vegetable). 

The distinctive part of any boba is the tapioca pearls that form the bottom layer of the drink. Although you may find it difficult to find tapioca pearls in generic supermarkets, they’re far more common in Asian supermarkets and online retailers such as Not on the High Street and Amazon. 

Tapioca pearls have to be boiled and cooled before adding to your tea – ensuring its peak chewiness. These days, special tapioca straws, wide enough to let them pass through easily, are commonplace too. 

Cool, sweet, and refreshing – bubble tea’s overwhelming popularity is likely to balloon this summer. Why not beat the lines and make your own? You’ll need: 

  • A scoop of Tapioca pearls 
  • Tea, any kind you’d like prepared in any way you like
  • Milk (to top off – dairy and non-dairy)
  • Ice cubes or shaved ice 
  • Any additional syrups or flavourings of your choice

Soak your tapioca pearls as per the instructions on your pack and make only enough for the serving (as tapioca tends to congeal and stiffen in texture after a while). 

Add a generous scoop of tapioca into the bottom of your glass or container. Then top that with your ice, followed by your shot of tea. 

At this stage you can add any sweeteners or syrups you would like. Finally, top up the drink with the milk. Add your boba straw and you’re all set to go! 

Boba is best enjoyed a little warmed (or room temperature) and the tapioca pearls must be chewed before digesting. 


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