You might think that corn dogs are an American concoction. You are absolutely correct. However, did you know that the dish is also an extremely popular street food in Korea, and has amassed a bit of a cult status?

Korean corn dogs, or gamja corn dogs, are made from either sausages or cheese or a mixture of the two. It is skewered and coated in a sweet flour batter before being deep fried and covered in a variety of toppings. Common topping choices include panko breadcrumbs, French fries, sugar or condiments such as mayonnaise and ketchup.

Unlike its American counterpart, which is of the strictly savory variety, Korean corn dogs fuse salty with sweet, giving you the ultimate hybrid snack. The dish also does not use cornmeal batter, opting for the crisper panko option.

If you live in or near London, there are several places that offer this street food sensation. Bunsik London (Charing Cross), Uh K-Dogs n Juicy (Camden) and Horang-i (Kingston upon Thames) all serve up their own unique takes on the dish. This includes banana dogs covered in Nutella, a corn dog covered in ramen and one that has pickles inside too! While we can’t account for how good they are, they do, quite frankly, sound divine.

Finally, if you’re not interested in going out to eat, why not try the recipe offered by Youtube’s very own Head Chef, Joshua Weissman:


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