Former MIXNINE contestant, Sori has returned with her third solo single, “I’m Not Alone” along with a drastic transformation in her visual concept and performance.

Fans may remember Sori as a member of the quirky duo, CocoSori before participating in the doomed YG surival show. Alongside her fellow member, Coco; she had a steady career for three years but disbanded after the release of their track, “Mi Amor”.

The disbandment was a dramatic situation as MOLE Entertainment began legal proceedings against Coco; who reportedly posted defamatory comments towards the company and Sori on Social Media. Sori has kept quiet about the situation but she has kept an on-going update on her life and behind the scenes footage on her Youtube channel, SORI Not Sorry.

Since her stint in MIXNINE, Sori has been shedding the “Too Old” label that was placed by Yang Hyun Suk himself; donning sleek PVC dresses in “Touch” and also flaunting her dance moves in the House track, “I’m Ready”. Now, Sori is channelling her inner Black Swan in “I Am Not Alone”, a future bass song that features rising rookie producer, Folded Dragons. The track itself also highlights the bold contemporary dance that was created in collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio’s Choi Hyo Jin.

To celebrate her return; take a look back over some of her past performances in MIXNINE and Youtube covers. Let us know what you’re most excited about for this comeback and check out Sori’s new song, “I Am Not Alone” which is available to stream on all available platforms.


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