Back in March 2020, when the rise of COVID-19 lead to a lockdown of the UK, many Korean beauty, food, and other goods closed their doors temporarily.

Now in June, nearly July, the restrictions have changed and as such these shops are beginning to open again.

SOKOLLAB is the most recent of these. On their website, the London based store announced their reopening for June 27th, 2020. This will, of course, be with healthy and safety in place, such as social distancing and a limited number of customers and open hours.

SOKOLLAB now joins Nature Republic UK, which opened its doors on June 15th.

The Kpop Shop in Shoreditch unfortunately remains closed at the time of writing.

Fancy some Korean food to keep you going? Kimchee, WingWing, and Yori London are open for takeaway and delivery. Bibimbap and Superstar BBQ are offering takeaway services.

Seoul Plaza and the Oseyo brand have been open as essential food stores.

Unfortunately, Seoul Bakery remains closed at the time of writing.

Are there any other K-Stores opening near you? Are there any you’re excited to return to, one way or another?


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