The world has seen a series of hard-hitting events after the past seven days, with many uniting in a time of reflection and emotion. However, one thing has been for certain; music has still continued to lift spirits throughout the world and often bring peace to the chaos. Some musicians within the South Korean industry have either postponed or delayed their return for particular reasons but there have been a few notable songs that have released within the week that have given a time of escape or happiness to fans and many others. Here are a select few chosen by the UKP Team.

EXO’s Lay has continued his blaze in each corner of the world and has released “LIT”, a digital single complete with a music video including traditional kingdoms, swords and dragons. We can only imagine what the SFX budget was to create this fiery concept.

TWICE continues the ethereal theme this week by giving you “MORE & MORE”; adding more to their colourful style by becoming tempting princesses of Eden.

After a long wait, we finally get official music from YG’s upcoming boy group, TREASURE. Although it is a solo track from member, Bang Ye Dam; the acoustic pop track “WAYO” may be giving us a taste of what’s to come as their debut draws closer.

Stray Kids are currently teasing their next Korean release; “GO生” but they have dropped a special treat for STAYs. Currently being used as the opening and closing themes for Crunchyroll Original series, Tower Of God; “TOP” and “SLUMP” has now been released as an official Japanese single.

Finally, the annual BTS FESTA has begun to lift the spirits of ARMY. Each year, the group hold a special event to celebrate their debut anniversary which includes video content, radio programs and special songs from the members; including Jungkook’s new Soundcloud release, “Still With You”; a song that bares his emotions to his fans during this tough time.

Check out the full list of releases below:

1st June Lay (EXO) “LIT” LIT
JungKey “I Know” (feat. George) LOVE
Lee Yejoon “From Hi to Goodbye” From Hi to Goodbye
Kim Bohyung “Like the Stars and the Moon” Born Again OST
CHOI & Swing “Wake Up” My Boss Is a Million YouTuber OST
Jung In “Twinkle” Sweet Munchies OST
Rainbow Note “Tonight” Tonight
ROA “I Know” I Know
2nd June NU’EST “Best Summer” Best Summer (with Spoonz)
VICTON “Mayday” Mayday
MC Mong “Yummy Yummy” (Feat. Chancellor) Dinner Mate OST
CHIMMI “I Don’t Want No Champagne” Dance with Me
TYLE “Bubble” (feat. B JYUN & RIPLEY) Bubble
fishsmell “Love Me!” Love Me!
moonc “Ice Cup” ICEcup
HADOI (Miss Trot Ahn Yoonjin) “The Fool” Flower Shoes
DarkSoul Virus “Up in the Sky” To End Up in the Sky ReBorn Edition
3rd June Stray Kids “TOP” (Japanese ver.) Tower of God OST / TOP (Japanese ver.)
Stray Kids “SLUMP” (Japanese ver.) Tower of God OST / TOP (Japanese ver.)
EDEN X Samuel Seo “SOON” SOON (STARDUST 2 project single)
Gidongdae “Party Like This” Party Like This
Kwon Jinah “Like a Star” Oh My Baby OST
NIA “When Tomorrow Comes” Soul Mechanic OST
Sonacvill “ARDW” Beautiful
Kwon YeoReum “Melt” Summer Day Imagination
Kang Suin “Con Artist” Con Artist
HASH “Delete” Delete
Yoon Jiyoung “Shame” Ashamed
Summer Soul “Tinder” (feat. JUSTHIS) Tinder
Maytree “Holding the End of this Night” To Me Again
4th June “Burn It Up” Burn It Up
Rain X Sik-k X pH-1 X Jay Park X HAON “GANG” (Official Remix) GANG (Official Remix)
Choi Yu Ree “Home” Town
WoodyRose “Landing (On My Way)” Build A Roseville
Ahn Sunghoon “Princess” Princess
5th June Bang Yedam (TREASURE) “WAYO” WAYO
Jungkook (BTS) “Still With You” Still With You (BTS FESTA 2020)
punchnello “us” (feat. meenoi) us
DONNA “Privacy” (feat. QM) Privacy
Brand New Girl “Brother, It’s Me” Let’s Trot Part. 3
LYURI “Bloom” Bloom
M1NU “Nabi” (feat. Skinny Brown & kuzi) Flashback
Pharmacy “Modern” Modern
J of L “The Song of the Night” The Song of the Night
Levan “I Feel Love” I Feel Love
6th June The Quiett “gui gam” (Inst.) glow forever Instrumentals
SailBoat “Love Forecast” Love Forecast
Boyboyboy “Haze” Haze
UNIK “As it is” (Feat. YUZION) NOT SPECIAL . UNIK #2
JUSTHIS “That Ain’t Real” That Ain’t Real
DJ Tiz & Zesty “Timing” Timing

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