The Summer rush is on as multiple idols have made their return with many more to come in the following weeks. Some groups did face slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances in the world but that has not stopped them treating fans to more musical delights. As always, the team have gone through the best of the best to pick the favourites of the week.

After a brief delay, IZ*ONE is back with the whimsical music video for “Secret Story of The Swan”. Taking a slightly experimental turn with different production teams on visual and music; the Produce 48 girls still hold onto their bright, energetic flair that fans have grown to love.

2AM’s Seulong knows how to make a good co-ed duet as his hit song with IU; “Nagging” is still a recognisable song ten years later. Now, he is doing the same with Lovelyz’ main vocalist, Kei for R’n’B track, “Female Friend”.

Stray Kids have been going from strength to strength with their Japanese releases and participation in the anime, “Tower of God”. That is not stopping them from cooking up a storm as the JYP group has finally unleashed their full length album; “GO生” and the hard-hitting title track, “God’s Menu”.

Don’t mistake this for a standard comeback as Weki Meki is ready to shoot down the competition. Following their last single, “Dazzle Dazzle”; the Fantagio ladies have teamed up with STAINBOYS and Royal Pirates’ Moon Kim to name a few for “OOPSY“.

Finally, after a long hiatus and departure from the now-disbanded PRISTIN, Kyla Massie has released her first ever solo album. She also revealed that part of the proceeds from “Watch Me Glow” will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund. You can check out the full album playlist on her Youtube channel and on all streaming platforms.

Check out the full list of releases below:

14th June Kyla Massie “Watch Me Glow” Watch Me Glow
Jukjae “No, Thanks” (feat. Zion.T) No, Thanks
Woo Eunmi “Looks Like It’s Too Late…” Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
Various Artists When My Love Blooms (Full Soundtrack Release)
UZA&SHANE “Ma Business” (Remix)
Krr “Moving” Moving
Honey-G “This Is The Song” This Is The Song
Jin Won “Good Night Sleep Tight” Good Night Sleep Tight
15th June IZ*ONE “Secret Story of The Swan” Oneiric Diary
Lee Sunhee “Anbu” (feat. Chanyeol) Anbu / How Are You?
BewhY & Simba Zawadi “Hymn” Neo Christian
Ahn Dayoung “Fingerprint” Fingerprint
BALM “Are You Down” Are You Down
W24 “Joahaeyo” I Like 4th Digital Single Album
Herz Analog “Way To Get Over a Heart Break” Way To Get Over A Heart Break
16th June AWEEK “1.4.3” Better Today
Baek A Yeon “Looking for Love” Looking for Love
Lim Seulong & Kei “Female Friend” Female Friend
Nil_O “Float Away” About Me
Annyeunjaebee “Nice Guy Syndrome” Tell Me Quickly
SEZ “Love Is Timing” Love Is Timing
Yoo Hajung “We” We
Cott “Velvet” (feat. Onthedal) Velvet
HI CUTIE “Try Again” Try Again
Seo Miju “Soyang River Traveller” Soyang River Traveller
Doyi Lee “Nice 2 U” Nice 2 U
Arttichoke “Telepathy” Telepathy
17th June D1CE “Draw You” Draw You: Remember Me
Jung Seung Hwan “Whenever Wherever” Whenever Wherever
Stray Kids “God’s Menu” GO生
HALV “Let Me Go” Let Me Go
Siggie Feb “Emergency Room” (feat. Brwn) Emergency Room
Kim Jae Hee “Slow” Slow
Broken Fingers “You Could Be Unintended” You Were Someone’s First Love
DAMYE “Facetime” (feat. Wilcox) Facetime
BallaDuet “Balloon” Balloon
1/N “Just Say No” Just Say No
YEWON “Wallflower” Wallflower
MOON XION “Mr Lonely” Mr Lonely
Married Couple “I Like You So Much” I Like You So Much
Heve “Closer” Closer
Alive Funk “DNCE” (feat. YESEO & Ja Mezz) DI-ANA
Odd Child “Island” O: CIRCLE
N.O.M “I’m Not But” 3rd Sexual N.O.M
Wedance “City Punk” City Punk
Budung “Earlybird” Floating and Shaking Island Part.1
Look Purple Stars “Heart Drug” Heart Drug
Mew “I’m Still” I’m Still
ZAGMACHI “Choked Up” Hi
19th June IU “Into The I-LAND” I-LAND Soundtrack
NCT DREAM “Ridin'” (Will Not Fear Remix) iScreaM Vol.2: Ridin’ Remixes
BTS “Stay Gold” Map Of The Soul 7 – The Journey (Pre-Release)
Bandage “Coloring The Life” 432
DMTN (Dalmatian) “Never Forget” Never Forget (Anniversary Single)
Kang Daniel “Something” Backstreet Rookie Soundtrack
One Joo “Sound of Rain” Sound of Rain
Dingo X Yng&Rich (SUPERBEE, UNEDUCATED KID, twlv & YUZION “Summer!” Summer!
ANDN “Low Balloon” [Speech Bubble]

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