It is finally the first full week of 2021. The dust has settled on a peculiar festive season but while many find comfort in the last handful of Christmas chocolates; January is already gearing up to be an interesting month for music. This week sees well-known tracks being reimagined, drama soundtracks driving fans through their latest binge-watching session and pre-comeback projects that is bringing hype levels to boiling point.

With that in mind, a simple Release Round Up may not be enough! For a slight new year twist, the team is not only reflecting on this week’s popular release but recapping the most exciting teasers to get you geared up for another seven days of exciting comebacks.

This Week’s Top Picks

With the repackage of their third mini-album, “SALUTE” set to release on the 18th January, AB6IX is already building up hype with a special collaboration. Following up from their 2019 remix of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”, the boys are joining forces with American band, Why Don’t We for a Korean-English rendition of “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)”.

Steve Aoki has become a firm favourite among idols; working alongside BTS, Monsta X & Lay to name a few. Now, it is the turn of the “Favourite Boys”, A.C.E as they are kicking off 2021 with the Gold Star remix of their 2020 title, “Goblin”.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

(G)I-DLE are set to return with another ethereal concept for “HWAA”. With fiery visuals, Soyeon producing the song with Pop Time and the subtle throwback to their “HANN” era; this comeback is not to be missed in the week ahead.

Originally penned for a December release, VICTION’s first full-length album was postponed due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19. Despite the new social distancing levels altering their comeback plans, the group are still planning a strong return to the stage with “What I Said”, set to release on January 11th.

TREASURE has been catching attention already this week by performing the ending song of Black Clover, but next week also sees the release of their first full-length album. As the complete edition of “The First Step”, the album will feature previous titles; “BOY”, “I Love You” & “MMM” along with their brand new single, “My Treasure”.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

3rd January LeeZe / Lee Ji Hye (The Voice of Korea) We don’t love anymore We don’t love anymore
Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) Here I am Mr. Queen Soundtrack
Lee Jae-min Cry Again No Matter What Soundtrack
Honey Apple Why did you Why did you
Woody Just stay at home Stay at home
4th January Yumin (ex-MelodyDay) If You If You
Coogie POW (Feat. GRAY) POW (Feat. GRAY)
Timoteo (HOTSHOT) Because of You Mr. Boss Soundtrack
Lee Ji Hee It was nice to meet you. Please Don’t Date Him Soundtrack
Im Se Jun The loved we had purple
5th January Hong Eunki (ex-RAINZ) ON&ON ON&ON
Joonil Jung First Love (feat. SOLE) First Love (feat. SOLE)
Sunwoojunga / SWJA in the bed in the bed
MOOK Reverse Awaken Soundtrack
TREASURE Beautiful Black Clover Soundtrack
Red Rain Sight Phoenix 2020 Soundtrack
Han Seunghee Desire The Penthouse Soundtrack
Cheon Dan Bi Fly Away Fly Away
6th January Raina (ex-After School) x Junggigo Can We Break Up? MBN MISS BACK Part.7
Jeong Sewoon IN THE DARK 24 PART 2
Minhyun (NU’EST) To You All Night Love Revolution Soundtrack
2F (Shin Yong Jae, Kim Won Joo) Sorry Run On Soundtrack
BJR Regret Regret
HEYDAY A Light Of A Dream A Light Of A Dream
Stable Whisper Whisper
7th January AB6IX x Why Don’t We Fallin’ (Adrenaline) Fallin’ (Adrenaline)
Jang Deok Cheol fall asleep fall asleep
LIMHARA Maskerade Maskerade
Various Artists (incl. Jamie, NIve) You Were Beautiful (orig: DAY6) / A Gloomy Clock (orig: IU feat. Jonghyun (SHINee)) Begin Again Open Mic Ep.1
ISU (M.C the MAX) Your Lights Bike Expedition Soundtrack
BewhY Not Belong Anyone MapleStory: KAIN Soundtrack
Shin Junseop (ex-MYTEEN) I Promise One Fine Week 2 Soundtrack
New, Hyunjae, Sunwoo (THE BOYZ) Priority Run On Soundtrack
18Again You left to me (Feat. O’z Mood) The Penthouse Soundtrack
Car, the garden Happy Ending True Beauty Soundtrack
Summer of Thoughts Hand in Hand (vocal:Kang Asol) Hand in Hand
THE-HRTZ Scent Scent
A.C.E x Steve Aoki Fav Boyz (Gold Star Remix (feat. Thutmose)) Fav Boyz (Gold Star Remix)
BOYHOOD (Nam Donghyun) Luxury Big House Luxury Big House
Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz), Kwon Soon-il (Urban Zakapa) Color Rush Color Rush Soundtrack
John Park For Some Reason Lovestruck in the City Soundtrack
Choi Jungyoon Bloom Bloom
DVWG, HYEP No Rush No Rush
Woori Affection (with Cludyy) Affection
Yiruma La Fotografia La Fotografia
zemean 퍼즐 (Puzzle) Puzzle
9th January Soyou & Woojin (AB6IX) Puzzle Mr Queen Soundtrack
Ahn Ye Eun Proust Proust
JR Groove Asking Myself (with Choi Hyo In) Asking Myself
Redoor Forever Always Has Been Forever Always Has Been

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