April is slowly coming to a close and as the Summer begins, there is more than just the hot weather and the hope of social events to look forward to. The fabled “Summer Rush” of comebacks is slowly approaching and it may be happening sooner than fans may think as big names are starting to make their return this week. As always, the Release Round Up have collected a full list of debuts, comebacks & drama soundtracks so you don’t miss out on the biggest songs of the week.

Here are some of the UKP Team’s favourites of the last seven days and a brief look into next week’s big releases.

This Week’s Top Picks

Following up from their debut in October, P1HARMONY are back with their first official comeback. Media outlets have been giving multiple positive comments on “Scared”; aggressive, melodic, cooking music from Breath of the Wild?!  Regardless of the reviews, there is one thing that is agreed on; P1HARMONY is a hip-hop/R’n’B group that is one to watch.

This week saw the highly anticipated episode that brought classic cover performances in Queendom; the RE:BORN challenge. This time, it is the turn of this year’s Kingdom cast; which saw SF9 perform a seductive film-noir rendition of “The Stealer” and The Boyz channel the Red Wedding for “O Sole Mio”. Both songs have now seen their studio release but eager fans may have to wait a little longer for the next official collection of covers; including iKON’s “Inception”, ATEEZ’s “Rhythm Ta”, Stray Kids’ “I’ll Be Your Man” & BTOB’s “Back Door”.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

It is almost time to join the Carnival as ENHYPEN is making their return on the 26th April. From previous teasers & previews, “Drunk-Dazed” will be an up-tempo EDM track, channelling a youthful image that is intertwined the horror concept introduced in their debut, “Given-Taken”.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

18th April GreatGuys Touch by Touch Again
Parc Jae Jung I Loved You I Loved You
WEi Comeback home Come Back Home
Ryu Ji Kwang Should I Say Somehow Family
19th April Forestella Thriller The Forestella
Kim Yeji (The Voice of Korea) Night Night
Oh Sae Bom (Produce X 101) Nostalgia Nostalgia
Apink Thank you Thank you
DAY6 You Make Me The Book of Us : Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love
The ADE (ex-Acoustic Collabo) I Confess I Confess
20th April P1Harmony Scared DISHARMONY : BREAK OUT
Penomeco JAJA Dry Flower
Lee In Pray Miss Monte Cristo
Ha Hyunsang (Hoppipolla) Heal You Navillera
21st April SEVENTEEN Not Alone Not Alone
Luli Lee (prev. Lulileela) I Feel Your Love I Feel Your Love
Shinwoo (ex-BLANC7) Can we share a drink once more Can we share a drink once more
Touched (incl. K-Pop Star 2 Cho Yunmin) Regret Regret
Boramiyu Beauty (2021) Beauty (2021)
Park Won You’re Free You’re Free
Lee Yoon-jong DASH Amor Fati
J n Joy 20 Spring Song Spring Song
Choi Jun-hyeok I’m Afraid I’ll Become a Fool (Summer Guys OST remix) Summer Guys
22nd April LambC Fortune Teller (feat. Stella Jang) I’ll see you when I see you
Sumi (Floria) Too Much Too Much
W.A.O On The Fire On The Fire
Ha Dong Qn, Bong Gu I will be waiting I will be waiting
IZ Missing U StorIZ:Blossom
Ji Jin Seok (Under Nineteen) Call me now Call me now
Suran Sunny (feat. BIG Naughty) [TAK Remix] Sunny (feat. BIG Naughty) [TAK Remix]
Yoon Jong Shin Stop By (With sunwoojunga) Stop By (With sunwoojunga)
yourbeagle (School Rapper Kim Mijung) baby tell me (feat. D-Hack) / your love yours
Lee Seung-yoon We are Law School
Kim Woo Seok (actor) Like A Star Lucky (Drama Stage 2021)
K.Will My Love Beside Me Oh My Ladylord
Dani So far Twenty Hacker
Keumjo (ex-9Muses) Like A Dream Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (web drama)
23rd April SF9 The Stealer (The Scene) KINGDOM <RE-BORN>, Pt. 1
The Boyz O Sole Mio (The Red Wedding) KINGDOM <RE-BORN>, Pt. 1
Song Ju Hee (ex-HELLOVENUS Alice) Secret Secret
Saweetie Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat, Jamie, Chanmina) Best Friend
Wheein (MAMAMOO) water color (English Ver.) water color (English Ver.)
Baekhyun (EXO) Bambi (BRLLNT Remix) iScreaM Vol.8 : Bambi Remixes
HAN (Stray Kids) Wish You Back Wish You Back
Han Dong-geun That Person Undercover
Kwak Jin-eon A Gloomy Letter Taxi Driver
24th April Kim Bumsoo, Lee Mujin, Jeong Hongil, Sojung (Ladies’ Code), Lee Seung Yoon Famous Singers (From The “JTBC” TV Show) Pt.2 [Live] (Full Album)
Peppertones Someone who gives me happiness (orig. Sunflower) [Vol.93] You Hee yul’s Sketchbook : 60th Voice ‘Peppertones’
Various Artists (incl. Jay Park, Jessi, Loco, Simon Dominic, Changmo) School Rapper 4 – Final (Full Album)
APRO Fragile (feat. pH-1 & youra) Fragile (feat. pH-1 & youra)
HUS (Humming Urban Stereo) Lizard (with Yoari (JTBC Sing Again)) Lizard (with Yoari (JTBC Sing Again))
Im Chang Jung A guy like me (Live ver.) Live on Unplugged
Various Artists No Matter What (Full Soundtrack)

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