For today’s Weekly Idol, we take a look at Taru a vocalist who you may know from the indie pop trio The Melody.

Taru‘s music career began in the indie pop group The Melody alongside Gwang Young the multi-instrumentalist and keyboardist/main songwriter Go Woong. Under the label Pastel Music the trio made themselves known by capturing the attention of fans through soundtracks, especially in the popular 2007 drama Coffee Prince starring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo.

With the band no longer active Taru eventually started her solo career in 2008 with the release of her debut album “R.A.I.N.B.O.W” and has been continuously writing new material up till now. Her voice is distinctive and her soothing music easily adaptable to OSTs, perhaps making her vocal performances memorable to the ears of music fans.

Popular songs

With The Melody.
From Coffee Prince this is Goodbye

This song by The Melody is also from Coffee Prince

Summer Day

From My Princess the very sweet song Kasio

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Orange Blossom

Mr Destiny

Why I chose Taru for Weekly Idol

What an enchanting voice. Not too cute to the point of having your teeth falling out from overly sugary taste but enough to comfort you, reaching into the depths of your soul, making you reflect. While Taru can hit your deepest angst with Rainy which has a Coldplay-esque feeling, she can sing about simple life things without making you want to weep your heart out e.g. Blah Blah or Chocolate. There are times while listening to either The Melody or Taru‘s solo music where I’m reminded of Japanese pop trio The Brilliant Green.

I may not have known her name originally when I watched My Princess and Coffee Prince a while ago but Taru‘s voice truly captured me. It was haunting, sweet and implanted itself in my head for many days. If AKMU is one of your go to artists for a mellow/chill out session, definitely add the likes of Taru to that list.


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