Huge group of friends or family coming over? Dakjuk, or chicken and rice porridge, is the perfect meal to prepare and a classic Korean standby for large groups. It serves 8-10 people! It’s also good comfort food for chilly evenings, or a classic under-the-weather medicine.

It takes around two hours to prepare, but most of that is the rice and then the whole chicken cooking. Yes, a whole chicken, but besides that, you only need rice, garlic, eggs and onions – so it’s simple to put together. A good side dish is a simple Korean-style salad like gutjuli.

If you’re in Korea, you can find many varieties of juk at the chain store Bon Juk. Take a look at the Korean homepage here, and get some more ideas of their menu and directions to the Samcheok branch here.

An easy to follow dakjuk recipe is right here!


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