It’s been two years since Super Junior M’s Henry released Fantastic, but the violin-laden pop track is still a thrill to catch live.

Objective: Scan the chorus while listening for useful vocabulary

Let’s pick out some useful words from the chorus, starting at 1:51 in the MV. If you can read hangul, try to read along. If you can’t, don’t worry, the vocab that’s highlighted is also given below with a rough pronunciation.
더 좋은 남자가 되고 싶게 해
진짜 남자로 태어나게
이름불러준 니가
Oh! 환상적인 니가
너를 선택한 이유
삶에 가장 큰 선물
높이 끌어올리니까
It’s gonna be fantastic.

Line by line:
You make me want to be a better man = 더 좋은 남자가 되고 싶게 해
You make me reborn into a real man = 진짜 남자로 태어나게
man = 남자 namja
to be (re)born = (로) 태어나다 (ro) teonada

You, who called my name = 내 이름불러준 니가
name = 이름 irum
to call = 부르다 pureda

Oh! Fantastic you- = Oh! 환상적인 니가
fantastic = 환상적이다 hansangchokida

The reason I chose you = 너를 선택한 이유
to choose = 선택하다 sontekhada

The biggest gift in my life = 내 삶에 가장 큰 선물
life = 삶 sam
gift = 선물 sonmul

Because you lift me up high = 날 높이 끌어올리니까
high = 높이 nopi
to lift = 끌어올리다 guloulrida


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