Korean cooking doesn’t have to have be tricky – even a total kitchen klutz can rustle up today’s recipe, Kimchi bokkeumbap, or Kimchi fried rice. If you’ve got kimchi and rice in the house, you can throw it together in a snap – and it’s a great way to use up leftover veg or meat from other dishes. Tinned spam is a favourite addition in Korea, as is shredded dried seaweed, or a fried egg, or cheese. Or all of the above!
Here’s a simple recipe to follow.

This dish has recently been highly rated by the British public. In the Hottest K-food in London 2016 competition results, the number two favourite dish was Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice by Seoul Bakery, and number four was Kimchi Stir-fried rice by Mr Kimchi.

Seoul Bakery, a cafe and K-pop shop on Russell St, London serves up a vegetarian version of the dish.
Mr Kimchi is a kimchi supplier in the UK. You can buy tubs of kimchi, or a complete Kimchi Fried Rice kit, that comes with a recipe card and costs £9.50. The online shop also has a kimchi pancake set, and vegan kimchi for sale.


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