Halloween’s nearly at our doorstep as the end of October is quickly approaching. Soon enough we’ll be seeing the annual end-of-the-year award shows! This week, we’ve definitely have a variety of comebacks which you can check out a selection that we’ve included below!

Epik High

They celebrated their 14th anniversary this year in the form of the trio’s 9th Full Album ‘We’ve Done Something Special‘, which was released at the start of the week on October 23. It made a feature on the UK iTunes chart and we also reviewed one of the title tracks ‘Home is Far Away’ which you can read more here.


The rapper released his latest single ‘Coloring‘ on October 23. This smooth R&B track also features a collaboration with Hash Swan, you can check out the M/V below!


The duo returned with the OST styled ballad song ‘Break Up In The Morning’ on October 24. The strong vocals really does well in conveying the emotion behind the lyrics. Having a self-explanatory title, there’s a sense of reminiscence over a prematurely ended relationship as the past memories flood back only to end in pain.

TEEN TOP’s Chunji X GFriend’s Eunha

The second collaborative song ‘Hold Your Hand‘ was released on October 26. The pair comprises of the main vocalists from Teen Top’s Chunji and GFriend’s Eunha respectively. It’s a pleasant, refreshing song to listen to and the M/V shows the duo playing out the roles of a couple who just started to date – which is just too darn cute!


The AOA leader made her solo comeback on October 26 with her newest single ‘Hallelujah‘ after previously promoting with her group earlier this year. Jimin shows off her charms in the M/V with a new music style, which you can watch below!

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ALi & Paul Kim 

This week is not short of sweet ballads, that’s for sure! ‘For Less Than A Month‘ is a beautiful piece from soloists ALi and Paul Kim, we did get old-school karaoke vibes from the start with the harmonies in sync and compliment each other exceptionally well.

GFriend’s Yuju X IZ’s Jihoo

We have our second feature from a GFriend member, this time it’s Yuju with IZ singer Jihoo! The song quickly picks up within the first 10 seconds and surprised us with an upbeat track that seemed to have a subtle inkling of a Christmas song. Once again, the M/V shows the cute interactions between the pair and is just a delight to watch!

Kangin X Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy

SM Station released the official track ‘Doll‘ on October 27 from a live stage during SMTOWN in Japan as part of their on-going project. This time, it includes former H.O.T.’s Kangta and Red Velvet’s vocalists Wendy and Seulgi. It’s a tender song with the singers outpouring the emotions in both their individual sections and with the harmonies. We’re sure it must have been a sight to behold to watch live!


This girl group who debuted back in 2015 made their comeback on October 28 with the singles ‘Want You To Say‘ and ‘Untold Story’. If you’re new to this group, they’ve had a new addition, officially making them a 5 member group with Eunjin having been part of the original line-up. The former is a fresh dance track from the girls and a great way to finish off this week’s Release Round Up!


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