This week has seen idols from every generation start the summer in style. From groups fresh from their debut, legendary units making their return and everything in between; this is just marking the beginning of an exciting month as many more Idols are set to return in June. Until then, the UKP Team have picked out a select mix of songs that are immediate playlist favourites from this week.

Making their debut this week, E’LAST has brought whimsical fantasy to fans with their first single, “Swear”. Want to know more about the group? Check out this week’s Rookie Spotlight for more on the emotional princes of E Entertainment?

Wannable, HOTPLE; “Get Ready” to embrace your quirky side! HOTSHOT and WannaOne member, Ha Sungwoon is falling into the Twilight Zone; the appropriate name for his third solo mini-album.

After a year and two months; DIA are back in full bloom. The group are promoting without Chaeyeon and Somyi due to personal reasons but the five members have reassured that the unit is still going strong and they have stepped forward to represent DIA in the elegant pop song, “Hug U”.

The Cosmic Girls are taking fans away to Neverland this week! Still promoting as a full Korean unit while members are working on Chinese schedules; WJSN have embodied the perfect Spring aesthetic for “Butterfly”, which has already gained over 17 million views on Youtube since the music video’s release.

SM Entertainment have also been busy this week with two notable groups making their return. NCT’s Chinese unit, WayV premiered their latest track, “Turn Back Time” during their Beyond The Vision concert back in May but this week sees its official release as a title track to “Awaken The World”; an album which has been met with praise from fans and the press.

Finally; after years of Soundtrack singles and Japanese releases; Super Junior’s balladeer unit, K.R.Y have made their official comeback. As part of the group’s 15th Anniversary; Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung are kicking off the celebrations with their first Korean mini-album, “When We Were Us” with full promotions and teasing a full Super Junior release later in the year.

Check out the full list of releases below:

7th June Dabda “Playing Alone” But, All The Shining Things Are
Joo Yeahin “사랑한다 더 사랑한다” Brilliant Heritage OST
Nautilus “사랑이 번지고” Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny OST
Kim Inhyoung “Take Care Of Me” Love Interference OST
Hwang Garam “Flower Rain” Nine Monks OST
Raina & Song Yuvin (B.O.Y.) “Love Is Danger” Once Again OST
8th June Eunkwang (BTOB) “No One Knows” FoRest : Entrance
Ha Sungwoon “Get Ready” Twilight Zone
Super Junior-K.R.Y “When We Were Us” When We Were Us
Lydia “그댈 사랑하지 못할 운명 같아요” Fatal Promise OST
Jung Daehyun “All Things Will Pass” Sweet Munchies OST
Electric Pad “Candy” Candy
Never Sober Son “Always” (feat. Jimmy Brown) UhJil
OV “Blue Sky” (feat. Gaho, godok) Primary Presents PAKTORY MIXTAPE VOL.2
NOHAYBANDA “Rabbit Hole” Rabbit Hole
SEONG GUK “If You Got” (feat. Khundi Panda) If You Got
Ha Hyunsang “Nostalgia” (feat. Rohann) The Edge
Le Mir “Hazima” Do Not
9th June E’LAST “Swear” DAY DREAM
Chungha “Be Yourself” Be Yourself (Project Single)
WayV “Turn Back Time” Awaken The World
Maktub “LHAU” (feat. Lee Raon) LHAU
WISUE “Letter” Letter
Letter Flow “30 Days Without You” 30 Days Without You
DALIE “Vague Hope” Vague Hope
Moon Wanki “Count On You” (feat BANG, UIDARM) Count On You
Hyeon Seo Park “You” You
HURTaeuk “t 777” t 777
wally “Sweet Night” Sweet Night
Siwa “Indecision” Indecision
10th June Jun. K (2PM) “This Is Not a Song, 1929 (Kor Ver.)” This Is Not a Song, 1929 (Kor Ver.)
DIA “Hug U” Flower 4 Seasons
N.Flying “Oh really.” So, 通
Heize “Lyricist” Lyricist
Dvwn “Concrete” (feat. CHEEZE) Dawn Defibrillation, Vol. 3
Gwangil Jo “Korea” Korea
11th June MOMOLAND “Starry Night” Starry Night
FAKE UNIVERSE “Imagine” Imagine
BIRTHDAYCAKEiii “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” PUT YOU ON MY DEEP INSIDE
Chi Yoon Hae “First Time” First
12th June PENTAGON “Follow” (PENTAGON Version) Road to Kingdom (Your Song Part 2)
VERIVERY “gogobebe” Road to Kingdom (Your Song Part 2)
THE BOYZ “Quasi una fantasia” Road to Kingdom (Your Song Part 2)
ONF “New World” Road to Kingdom FINAL
PENTAGON “Basquiat” Road to Kingdom FINAL
VERIVERY “Beautiful-x” Road to Kingdom FINAL
JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) “Greedyy” (feat. Moonbyul) Greedyy
Swan “i like u” Swan
KIMDA “Black Mirror” Circle
SHATEAU “Te Quiero Mas” (feat. SPAX (ex-BLANC7)) Te Quiero Mas
9HEA1 “Eyes” Eyes
Yeo Journey “Treadmill” Treadmill
E Z Hyoung “Your Summer” Your Summer
Collective Arts “Moon” (feat. 2024) Story #6
Jin Seon “Black Cat” Black Cat
CokeJazz “Surfers in Hawaii” Surfers in Hawaii
Rudals “BENZ” BENZ
LANDSCAPE “Better Be On” Better Be On
13th June Riot Games featuring nalfa, PENOMECO & YUNHWAY “OPERATOR” VALORANT Soundtrack
Ryu Jisu “Shoulder” Shoulder

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