This week has had its fair share of big tracks as major artists prepare for album releases or returning to promotions but there has been a number of “comeback kids”; Idols who may have had a small blip in their music career but they are not letting it stop them and are returning this week as solo artists in their own right.

Han Seungwoo has gone from strength to strength after his appearance in Produce X 101; even if it ended in his journey in X1 being cut short. He returned to VICTON who have already released two singles this year; “Howling” and “Mayday”. Now, he is proving why he earned the third place position in X1 and representing his group with his charming debut as a solo artist.

In the midst of worry and scandal, AOA fans heard a voice that they missed for so long. After leaving the group in 2017, Choa has been away from stage and studio but she begins her journey back to the music industry with a surprise soundtrack release for “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”. There is nothing official yet for a solo album but fans are welcoming her back with open arms.

After departing from The Boyz in October 2019, Hwall has been focusing on his recovery due to ankle pain and his poor health condition. With his past company, Cre.ker Entertainment cheering him on and fans supporting him through social media, he has recovered and stepped back on stage as Hyunjun Hur, the solo artist who debuted this week with “Baragi”.

It is a solo debut that many have been hoping for. Wonho has had a difficult journey that lead to his departure from Monsta X and also venturing out on his own. Regardless of the hardship, both him and his fans have always had hope and now after months of waiting and cleared allegations, the story finally has a happy ending. Teaming up with UK composers who have penned songs for Callum Scott & James Arthur, Wonho is laying his heart out in the open with “Losing You”, a song that is already reducing online personalities and fans to tears of happiness and pride.

Check out the full list of releases below:

9th August KANTO I’m So Fine (feat. Kim Ho Joong) I’m So Fine
Kim Kook Heon Dry Flower Dry Flower
Monday Kiz & Lee Yejoon Get Out of My Heart Get Out of My Heart
Various Artists It’s Okay Not To Be Okay (Full Soundtrack)
BbAhn I Do Not Know Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
ChoMyo Walk Hold Hands and Walk
DOHU Uselessly Uselessly
Lanester Scorff Slow Down (Cafe Song) Slow Down (Cafe Song)
Seo Actor Wait (feat. Dept & Ayul) Wait
10th August Crush End of a Day Begin Again Korea Soundtrack
Han Seungwoo (VICTON) Sacrifice Fame
ONF Sukhumvit Swimming SPIN OFF
NOAH Still In Love Men Are Men Soundtrack
12DAL Dear Friend Dear Friend
Baek Juyeon Color The Scene #2012(#dc5a86)
Dopein Damn You! Damn You!
Hickee Wizard Wizard
INNERLAW When Did We (feat. Park Gunhoo) When Did We
Joe Layne In My Mind In My Mind
Park Bogum ALL MY LOVE (English Ver.) ALL MY LOVE
Seo Gi Homework Homework
Sonakbyul On the Way On the Way
sueun Past Love Past Love
TOMTOM Drive To The Moon Monthly Tom Tom 2020 August
11th August FLORIA Chitty Chitty Chitty Chitty
Jo Moongeun Not Clumsy Anymore Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
Choa Here I Am To All the Guys Who Loved Me Soundtrack
Chun Myung Hoon Myung Hoon is Going Myung Hoon Goes
Damsongongbang Flower Day Flower Day
Oh Sehee Yours Yours
Siwa Call my name Call my name
Win Unfollow Unfollow
WONJI Between 0 and 1 Between 0 and 1
Woo (Woo Won Jae) Used To (feat. CIFIKA) Used To
Yura All You (feat. Guro) All You (Error)
12th August HEDY You were really not good You were really not good
J.Y. Park (JYP) When We Disco (feat. Sunmi) When We Disco
Boramiyu All The Way Into The Ring Soundtrack
GRAY STAY THE NIGHT (feat. DeVita) She is My Type Soundtrack
ONEWE She Replaced… Was It Love? Soundtrack
idool theyo theyo
Joody Lucky Charm Lucky Charm
Kerrigan May Sex Like a Pickle (feat. San E) Sex Like a Pickle
Lee Junhyung I don’t know if you don’t tell me I don’t know if you don’t tell me
NANA bunny-401 bunny-401@weather
NIve How do i bandages
Summer Soul Junkfood Junkfood
Paul Lim Sign Sign
Seunghey L’Estaque 예술촌
WINee Be Mine Be Mine
13th August LUCY Jogging PANORAMA
Purple Rain Letter Letter
Rothy Ocean View (feat. Chanyeol) Ocean View
Luna (f(x)) Falling Flowers Almost Famous Soundtrack
Kim Junseok Stranger Stranger 2 Soundtrack
Lee Shin Woo Love Adventure Love Adventure
LoveTom I’m Fine Hi LoveTom
HitATM Already (feat. iMos, Overtax TAM) Already
RIO Dream No.24 Dream No.24
Risso X BNJX Love Song Love Song
Rorang Fall (feat. Bi Suhyun) Fall
Xitsuh Shadow Spill
Yunsae Cool Your Mind Cool Your Mind
14th August BiPA I Don’t Care Be REAL Good Boy
SuperM 100 Super One Project
Wonho Losing You Losing You
Brave Girls We Ride We Ride
Gallant Only One Our Beloved BoA #3: SM STATION
HyunJun Hur (Hwall of THE BOYZ) Baragi Le Petit Prince
RAVI, Namjoo (APink) & Seungsik (VICTON) Summer Memories Summer Memories
VIINI, Baekjin, Park Changyu & Choi Sihoon Stick with You Cafe Kilimanjaro Soundtrack
Jung Minhyeok Moon Light Mom Has an Affair Soundtrack
Choi Yegeun Gravity Gravity
Ella J Ocean View (Mi Amor) Ocean View (Mi Amor)
Joonand ON&ON (feat. Dirty Flex, MC Seimo) PARTY
Rudals Bicycles Bicycles
ON AiR You & I I Care (You & I)
Sulgi One Way Lover One Way Lover
15th August SUPER FIVE Hello Hello
JUNGMO Magic Magic
The Bridge T Thought I Forgot Everything Fatal Promise Soundtrack
Various Artists Graceful Friends (Full Soundtrack)
Jay Noah Birthday Birthday
jayvito Only Once (feat. HAON) Moodstock
meenoi sunbeam sunbeam
Vinchair I Don’t Know Monthly Practical Music Project (I Don’t Know)
Wooks Intention Intention

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