Fans are on the cusp of the Halloween season but there is no tricks when it comes to the Release Round Up. To get your playlists ready for the seasonal treats; the UKP Team have compiled four of the biggest hits, debuts and comebacks that is closing off the month of September.

Road To Kingdom winners, The Boyz are channelling their inner Phantom Thieves and ready to steal the hearts of their fans. Donning a charming criminal persona, the group’s comeback has earned over ten million views in its first week; making them one to watch in the up-coming Kingdom competition.

Everglow is adding a fresh retro vibe to the UKP Team’s playlist this week with their new single; “LA DI DA“; hitting the city streets as fierce superheroes that could put Sin City’s best to shame.

GHOST9 has brought the spooky season early with a dark, space-like concept for their debut; “Think of Dawn“. It is their first album release but with the intricate style and animated soul-mates, GLEEZ; the new Maroo Entertainment group may be one to watch in the future.

TV performances, solo & original group activities, even a collaboration with MARVEL. It is safe to say that the Idol “Avengers”, SuperM is unstoppable and that is just the start because their first full album, “Super One” is now available to purchase and stream on all platforms.

Check out the full list of releases below:

20th September YOONWON 이별은 아픈 거겠죠 Love Interference Soundtrack
A-FLOW Love Way Love Way
Benny Char Lockdown (feat. Bob James, Minsung) Lockdown
besisi Ideal Type (feat. SUMIN) Ideal Type
Choi Yu Ree Reply Reply
HNNU My sea Hanwol Vol.8
JUNNY Movie Movie
Wildberry Sunrise (feat. EunBii) Sunrise
EVERGLOW LA DI DA -77.82 X -78.29
Kim Na-young 그리워하면 그댈 만날까봐 Do You Like Brahms? Soundtrack
Various Artists Extracurricular Full Soundtrack
Byeoleun Certainty Exactly
HanDongHoon Band Sunset Coast Sunset Coast
Ha Yeji Primrose Hill Primrose Hill
JunJaBang DoBiDap DoBiDap
W-Nic Galaxy Galaxy
YESEO Better Me Be
22nd September YUKIKA Love in TV World Love in TV World
10cm Tight 4.5
cignature ARISONG Listen and Speak
Soyou The Only One 18 Again Soundtrack
Isaac Hong Da Capo Soundtrack
Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE) My Love Do You Like Brahms? Soundtrack
JUNIEL Delight Lonely Enough to Love Soundtrack
Park Kang-seong 그대를 사랑합니다 My Wonderful Life Soundtrack
Baekhyun (EXO) My Time Record of Youth Soundtrack
HUS (Humming Urban Stereo) Dawi Dawi
KEEBOMB Hit Me Up (feat. Ted Park) RICH IN LOVE
Kang Jamin Kol Kak Kol Kak Kol Kak Kol Kak
Omega Sapien Happycore Garlic
Yahong Color City Floating Island
23rd September Pentagon Dr. BeBe (Japanese ver.) UNIVERSE: THE HISTORY
BDC (Boys Da Capo) SHOOT THE MOON The Intersection: Belief
Chungha & Christopher Bad Boy Bad Boy
GHOST9 Think of Dawn Pre-Episode 1: DOOR
H&D (Lee Hangyul & Nam Dohyon) Umbrella Umbrella
eaJ (DAY6 Jae) X Seori It just is It just is
Q6IX Hello Summer Hi Q6ix
Various Artists Flower of Evil Soundtrack
George Water (feat. pH-1) Love in summer
Kre.D Just 5 Minutes (feat. Han Jooeun) Just 5 Minutes
If Enough 8:01 8:01
Rainbow Note Morning Morning
sesso lol A song made because of you
TAKUWA She is loveing ​​me (feat.Lil Sunder11) She is loveing ​​me
24th September BOYHOOD Let’s not be at home Let’s not be at home
Amoeba Culture (with Kimoki Saturnballad) Amoeba Culture Presents ‘THEN TO NOW’
ONEWE Parting Parting
UP10TION Light Light UP
WIZ N Between Us Between Us
Tim 어깨에 기대 Man in a Veil Soundtrack
Monday (Weeekly) 너로 물든다는 것 When I Was Most Beautiful Soundtrack
Beaver I Can Be Your Pooh I Can Be Your Pooh
Black Mattic Ride On (feat. Hauzee) Ride On
Day By Day At the End of the Day (feat. Neogull) At the End of the Day
HwA Thirsty Thirsty
Lazy Child Summer Night Summer Night
LUAMEL Covet Covet
Rakon Broken Chair Rock On Blink
Voyeur VVe (feat. Corduroy) VVe
25th September NTX Survive The Opening: Basic Yell
SuperM One (Monster & Infinity) Super One
Betty Wu (WJSN Xuanyi) 25 25
Bae Jin Young (CIX) X Kim Yohan (WEi) I Believe I Believe 2020
Weeekly BOOM CHI KI My Dream is Ryan Soundtrack
Do-ah (FANATICS) It’s okay, because it’s you Real:Time:Love 3 Soundtrack
YooA (OH MY GIRL) Rocket to the Moon! Rocket to the Moon! Soundtrack
Jeong I-han (The Nuts) Don’t follow me Si bel homme Soundtrack
Achtung Turn Red Turn Red
AOORA Twerk Twerk
Bini Dream Dream
Jerry.K Yawn (feat. Siwa) Yawn
Junoflo Dead Roses 222:AM
Walter Supra (feat. yovng trucker) Supra
26th September Young & Wild (Y&W) Thirsty Now Thirsty Now
N.Flying From You Alice Soundtrack
Jin Min-ho 사랑도 세월처럼 막을 수 없나봐 Homemade Love Story Soundtrack
Son Ye-rim 내가 아파한대도 Lie After Lie Soundtrack
Ha Sungwoon (VICTON) 우연일까 More than friends Soundtrack
Ash-B Make It Pop (feat. RAUDI) Make It Pop
ARO Hug Me Hug Me
Holmsted Far Away (feat. H:SEAN, SWRY) Dot 1
Hey Men Gatsby Gatsby
Jyunky (ex-WALWARI) Sad Bossa Sad Bossa
LunaTune Stay Stay
Lee Mingyu Only Your Romanticist Only Your Romanticist
Minit What You Did (feat. AVOKID) In your area
QuvicBoy Boy Drifter (feat. Homeboy, ROMANOV, SHARKRAMA) HUISTEN 25

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