Easter weekend! Perfect timing, then, for an egg dish. Gyeranjjim is basically steamed egg casserole, with optional seasonings. If all you have to hand are eggs and water, that’s fine – though chicken or beef broth is sometimes used instead of water to give extra flavour to the dish. Spring onions, red pepper flakes, and fish sauce can be added for taste too.

It’s usually cooked and served in a ttukbaegi, or small stone pot in Korea, and comes as a side dish as part of a main meal. These stone or ceramic finish bowls aren’t the cheapest to buy online, so try and pick one up on the high street if you can. Here’s a stone bowl set on ebay for just over £100.

Here’s an easy to follow recipe using a stone bowl and a hob

Or make gyeranjjim in any suitable bowl with a microwave (plus another idea for serving up eggs) here


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